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Hey everyone

I am super excited to welcome you to my first official blog!! Obviously, I want us to become friends, which means getting to know each other, please comment more about you and your business. YES! You heard right …. I am Yolandé from Anchor Business Advisors and we will be talking business.

My blogs will not just be tips, facts, and data. I want to have discussions about business. I have been in the corporate world for almost 20 years, I have worked with bosses and learned from leaders. I want to work with leaders who is serious about growing their business with a strong foundation and long-term building blocks to success. I can tell you as a single mom I took a huge risk of starting my own business, I had no money to invest, many negative support, BUT I finally go this opportunity and I was going to fight for it with everything I have got. It has not been easy, but I have beaten the odds by reaching goals in 6months that take other businesses over a year to accomplish.  

This is a little of me, now it is time for all YOU. My world of business started making sense the moment I realised I had to know myself first before I could start my cycle of business. Not everyone will understand how something

that sounds so simple can block you from making the best choices for you. Others like me who is frustrated with feeling they are worth more, who want to proof people wrong when they say, “you cannot or accept where you are”. If you are in business and your clients are few and I do not care if you are an agent selling Avon – YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. If you want to reach more clients or make more money, you need to KNOW YOURSELF FIRST.

This will include Your Personality, Your Support, How you handle bad days and The rewards of starting your cycle of business.

Your Personality

Let us be honest if you take a moment to stop thinking of who everyone else wants you to be.  Are you the same person, are you doing what you love and are you talking in your own voice? Your business is already differently unique because you are. Things you might think is silly or is holding you back will be what connects you to your clients.  Except for that your personality should go into so many other things business: Your branding, theme, and posts. You can check out my Facebook to give you an idea as to how I have grown to find my personality more each day.

If you find it difficult to pinpoint your personality, you should write down your routine and what you do when no one is watching over several days. As an extra bonus write down what you think of when you are thinking of your business. Your option is pen and paper or you can go with a journal app. gives you some options and information on what is available. Which ever way you decide to go I will advise you that you highlight repeating personality traits


Your Support

One part of knowing yourself is understanding that you can not as a business owner do this on your own. Unfortunately, I do understand not all of us are lucky in having thousands of people standing around wanting to help us grow. You will need support emotionally, motivational, and advisory. Start looking for groups that you can build connections with. This might be for marketing, blogging, networking, or having people around that is in business longer. You will quickly learn that as you build your support, some will stay, and you will move on from others. Depending on your needs you might want to look at starting your own support circle. After looking into networking groups such as BNI which have been around 20 years, I realised not all small businesses can afford their expertise, so I started LIMB which is a FREE group that support each other in business.  With free support comes rules that needs to be followed so that every business benefits. The support you get will make a hell of a difference when you feel like giving up. 

How you handle bad days

Now we get serious. An important part of knowing yourself is how you handle difficult situations. Your business will push your limits. Sometimes I compare my business to young children or my partner, it needs your attention, guidance, clients need understanding and on other days everything just keeps going wrong. So, it is necessary to understand that you will have to take time for you and know how to blow off steam. No one needs to understand why you are listening to music to loud, while tears are running down your face if you know it helps to get the job done. Running your own business is not always sunshine and roses. Some days you will get rejections, you feel demotivated and I need you to please take a moment, BUT the best advise for how to handle bad days is know what you need to do to get back on the horse. Here is a little reminder that everyone has bad days ,but that tomorrow is a new day.  

The rewards of building your cycle of business

Enough about the good, the bad and the ugly, let us talk about the bottom line. After everything has been said and done, I have found there is very few things in life that is more rewarding than having your own business. I can promise you that if you put in the work and you are willing to make 

every day a learning experience you will be able to work your own hours, make your own money and love what you do. If you are fortunate enough to work yourself up from the bottom, you build an everlasting bond of trust with your support group and clients. Let me put it this way …. Like anything in life, every person has their own struggles and if you have been at the bottom of a dark hole or are currently feeling your being suck into that darkness, I can confidently say I have been there and the moment I just gave myself a nudge to try, because I needed this ….. The good days was more rewarding than the bad and the bad days become bonding times with my girls. 

Thank you for spending some time with me and let me be the first to say I WILL BE YOUR SUPPORT. Please subscribe to my newsletter on where I will firstly listen to your side of business and then tell you HOW I STARTED MY BUSINESS WITH REALLY NO MONEY, send you my BUSINESS PLAN WORKBOOK or both. My goal is to help 10 small businesses to grow in the next 3-6months by giving them space to advertise, blog about them if I feel inspired about their ethics and work on sessions that allows all businesses the affordability to learn. Take the first step by starting a conversation with me as you never know how I am willing to help you.



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